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The Global Valentine Project:Sending our hearts around the world.

Loveland, Colorado is very famous for its celebration of Valentine's Day. So why not spread the goodwill of kindness and peace everywhere. So the LHS French classes and several Spanish classes are making and sending Valentines to schools around the world.

Participants for 2012 are listed on the left menu. Each school has a wikipage. Please do the following to participate
  1. Please post a picture of your school and the website so we can get to know about your school.
  2. When you receive our Valentines, please post pictures of students reading the Valentines if possible. May post a picture ofthe Valentines in our classroom.
  3. Maybe you can post a podcast or movie and tell us about you and your school.
  4. Maybe you want to send us pictures, postcards, letters, etc. that we can read and post in our classes. (The address is included in the letter with the Valentines)
  5. Maybe you want to discuss music, movies, etc on the wiki discussion board.
  6. Maybe this will start many years of global collaboration.
  7. Maybe you have some other ideas.-Yeah-Let me know

Toni Theisen, organizer
French teacher
Loveland High School
Connect me -Toni Theisen:toni.theisen@thompsonschools.org
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Valentine Remailing Program volunteers return year after year


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Loveland, Colorado de Sarah et Heidi

Des cachets pour les lettres à travers l'histoire

2013 cachet


Les coeurs partout-Heart statues all over the city: la carte des coeurs:

Volunteers’ efforts enable citizens to Speak their Hearts